What I Do
What do I do

What I Do

Shamanism teaches that all things are energetic, alive and contain information. The natural state of life is balance and that all illness has its source in some type of spiritual imbalance. By dealing with the spiritual imbalace, healing will occur in the physical realms. The shamans role is to work between the seen and the unseen worlds to help their clients and communities.  Below are the types of shamanic services I perform.

Spiritual Advocate

Everyone needs someone to help them, especially in the energetic and invisible worlds.  I am your advocate in the spiritual world.  I ask for gifts, teaching, healings and learning on your behalf. I deliver messages from the spirit world, faclitate healing and act as a catalyst to assist you on your path.

Soul Retrieval and Restoration

Have you ever felt that part of you was missing?  Or that an experience has changed you and things will never be the same?  Do you feel disconnected and incomplete?  Do you have an abnormal gap in memory about a traumatic event or period of time?  Do you have chronic problems that other therapies aren’t helping?

Many believe that when we experience severe shock or trauma, part of our soul, or vital life energy, becomes repressed and hides to avoid the pain – thus you experience “Soul Loss.” Because part of ones' vital life self is repressed or disconnected, one cannot live fully.  The result is often manifestation of other illnesses, both physical and emotional.  I help reconnect you to this part of your vital life energy --  “Soul Retrieval.”  Restoration occurs when ones vital life energies are rebalanced and the patterns that caused the trauma are addressed.  Thus one becomes more whole and functional.  It is not necessary, nor usual, to relive the trauma in order to address it.

Energy Clearings

There are non-beneficial energies, entities and spirits that can connect to us.  These energies can be in the form of negative thought projections from others or from energies from the other side.   In times of stress they can attach to us and create problems.  My role  is to help remove these energies, and clean and repair your energy fields so these entities do not return.  This sounds simple but the results are powerful.

Animals Totems and Helping Spirits

Many indigenous cultures believe in spirits that help us.  The shamans help reconnect one to their helping spirits.  Helping spirits can be represented in different forms such as a spirit guide, an ancestor, an angel or animal totem.  Connecting with a animal totem will help one with a particular quality or strength.  For example, an eagle will help one see clearly and rise above the situation, an ox will help one be strong, an owl is wise.  Many cultures build totems or wear fetishes to remind them of their power animals.  In North America we are connected to our power animals and even name our sports teams after them.

Birth and Death

Shamans help souls move in and out of this world.  Birth and death are natural step to the next place on our soul journey.  Many cultures have different scenarios for what happens to souls after people die.  Shamans recognize this.  The point then is to help souls move.  Usually a deceased loved one will assist that soul to move on.  In addition, we can alsohelp new souls enter this world during gestation and birth.

Removal of Energy Blocks

Everyone has blocks, or limiting beleifs, which inhibit their growth. My role is to help clear the blocks.  I provide assistance and information so that one can overcome these challenges and move forward with their lives.  Blocks may be spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, real or imagined.